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Once upon a time I saw you

Break the chains that tie and bind

You looked beyond today

And found your way

Liquid crystal eyes

Echoing color

Majestic lion’s heart

Pounding like thunder

Open your mind

Seek and you’ll find

Live strong and leave

An exquisite corpse

Open your mind

Seek and you’ll find

And you can

Love strong and leave

An exquisite corpse

Exquisite Corpse (Lyrics)

Beautiful face

and a head of wonder

Exploring space

In the skin you're under

Open your mind

Seek and you’ll find

Live strong and leave

An exquisite corpse

Tentacle fingers

Feel sensation

Supersonic ears

Detect vibration

Reach for the stars

And Jupiter and Mars

Knowing that

You are so much more

Than an exquisite corpse

exquisite corpse (live in 360˚ video)

MarkMitchellBand makes our public debut, performing my song written especially for the launch of the Exquisite Corpse International “Parade Of Corpses” exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Florida. Captured in amazing 360˚ video, thanks to HD Interactive.

NOTE: Use the cursor to navigate around the room, change perspective on the band and even see the audience!

**Interactive 360 video may not be compatible with all browsers and devices.

If picture is static, try clicking on YouTube button in bottom-right of video above.

Vocal / Rhythm Guitar: Mark Mitchell

Lead Guitar: Travis Parker

Bass: Page Garrison

Drums: Kevin Hohl

©2015 Mark Mitchell
All rights reserved

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