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mixed emotions

A Conceptual Pop Painting (and Poetry Below) by Mark Mitchell

Time of change, growing pains. Mood swings.

A roller coaster ride of emotional highs and lows.

From loneliness to depression, anxiety to anger.

Frustration to fragmentation.

A lost soul spiraling out of control.

Who am I? Can anyone see me? Can anyone help?

We hear you. We care.

We’ll get through this together.

It’s OK not to be OK.

love letter to gen z

Creative Writing by Author, Mary Chris Bailey (Inspired by the Painting Above)

Dear Gen Z,

Your generation straddles two centuries. Active shooter drills and mass shootings have always been a part of your life. Many of you felt the impact of financial insecurity on your family during the great recession. The reality of climate change looms large. Through social media, you witnessed violence against black and brown people.

Then the pandemic crashed into your lives, disconnecting you from friends and family.  For some, it took a loved one from you forever. The pandemic mandates social distancing, remote learning, and isolation. Social isolation leaves many wondering if any of it is worth it. Leaving it all behind creeps into your thoughts. The challenges of your generation are unimaginable. Yet here you are.

Yes, here you are, but here is what the rest of us see.

You are the most diverse, well-educated, technologically savvy, and political activated generation ever. You stand up, march and create. Think of the Parkland students who called politicians to task and started the March for Our Lives Movement. Your generation answered the call of Black Lives Matter. Once again, you marched and demanded social justice. Climate activists like Greta Thunberg exposed the urgency of climate change and forced countries to listen and act. A generation like yours comes into being rarely.

These times and the issues facing your generation are immense but don't give up. We need you. You are unique. Reach out if you feel overwhelmed. Talk to friends, family, or a trusted elder. Let your family, teachers, community know if that is just not enough. There are professionals out there who can help you through.

No matter what, stay with us. Dear Gen Z, we are in awe of you, love you, and need you in this chaotic world. You are the best of us.

With love and support,

The rest of us

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