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spin control

The truth’s become elusive.

Watch the time-lapse making of my painting, Spin Control, accompanied by my original song by the same name.

(You need some)
Spin control
Spin control
(We're gonna hear)
Spin control

Won't you tell us why'd you do it
Because we're certain you're the one
And we'll watch your every movement
As you slowly come undone

As we peel away the layers
Of your wretched onion skin
Well you better say your prayers
'Cause your disguise is wearing thin

Yeah, the truth's become elusive
And the lie's becoming you
Like Ricky said to Lucy
You got a lot of ’splainin' to do

(Yeah, we had enough of)
Spin control
Spin control
(It's all about)
Spin control

Spin Control (Lyrics)

We could use an explanation
For the the things that we have seen
'Cause the line you're selling lately
Is getting worn out at the seams

Did you think that we were stupid
Did you think that we were blind
Did you think we didn't know exactly
What you had in [Gb] mind

(You better get some)
Spin control
Spin control
(You gotta have)
Spin control

You can't justify your actions
When they just don't make no sense
Don'cha hide behind your passions
Because we know it's all pretense

Did you think that you were clever
Did you think that you were wise
Did you'd think you'd pull the wool
Over everybody's eyes

©2010 Mark Mitchell

©2004 Mark Mitchell
All rights reserved

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