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As a voiceover artist, I have been called upon to cover a wide variety of styles, ranging from earnest and conversational, to high-energy pitchman, to FM radio personality, to heartwarming storyteller. In addition, I also specialize in celebrity impressions and character voices. Here are a few samples of my recent work.

will-fm radio brand voice

This project called for the voice of a new syndicated, automated radio format: Marshall Adams Media’s WILL-FM.

My approach: A slightly aloof, too-hip-for-the-room, somewhat snarky and cocky DJ character.

schmilbert on sirius | xm radio

I call in as “Schmilbert” to Jackie’s Joke Hunt on SiriusXM’s Howard-101 to prove that he’s a changed man after his controversial tweets, debuting some new G-rated material.
Hosts Jackie Martling, Ian Karr and their guests seem to approve.

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mark mitchell logo pop art

the new st pete pier tv campaign

The scripts called for a serious tone of reason and good will to help clear the air and get out the vote on a controversial city referendum.

not pardo: a tribute to the voice of snl

On the eve of the first season without the legendary voice of Saturday Night Live, I created this tribute video to Don Pardo. It features the name of every cast member to ever appear during his 38-season history with the show.

announcer vo reel: highlights

A brief audio montage of my commercial voiceover work.

aflac audition (re-ducks)

It seemed that everyone was auditioning to be the next Aflac duck. In this satirical track, I imagine some very unlikely celebrity candidates stepping up to the mic.

360 booth app web spot

A confident delivery with a sense of excitement and urgency helps convey this new app’s game-changing technology.

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